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Author Topic:   car darts to right on straitaway
Dirt Maniac

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posted June 16, 2004 03:39 PM  
Okay,new to mods this year,and havnt had much seat tim ,about 4 nites.

Had alot of trailing arm angle and about 3/4 ways down the straits car felt like I lost RR bite,it would dart to the right,I got my LR link 1 hole higher than my RR,car is a 2 link.

We drop the angle and kept the lr link 1 hole higher, and car is still darting,but not as bad,in the feature it was drivable.
here are some specs:
lf-650;wb76 rf-750;wb76
lr-200;wb95 rr-200;wb94
total-2328 w/o driver
lf-605 rf-463
lr-629 rr-631
left%53, cross-46.9% rear-54%
1 1/4 stagger in front
1 1/2 in back

also,is the total wight heavy,and is it worth the more wight added to gain the rear % i need?


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posted June 16, 2004 04:03 PM           send a private message to chapa73   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/QuoteBBBBBB
Total weight is fine. My car weighs 2550 w/o me, teamate's is closer to 2600. Adding rear weight to get more bite is ok in most mods and won't slow you down. Your bigbest problem is rear split. You should imideatily change split to 80 to 100 lbs LR. This will also help to increase overall cross weight which will help to tighten under power. Shock and spring package look ok, but most guys are running softer RR spring (175 lb), but don't worry about that until you try it with the LR bite change first. Rear percent could go up some, I'd try 57% and see how it bites. Good luck.

Dirt Roller

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posted June 16, 2004 09:01 PM  
Make sure your rear is square.

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 16, 2004 09:08 PM  
okay,this may be a dumb question,but how could I get more LR bite in the car,I can scale the car,but it takes a few weeks to get that done,My buddy has some,but shares them with another guy,so at times it can be difficult to get them.

as it is now,I havnt changed anything like jacking wight or staggers since we scaled,about 3 races ago,and right now the car is at the point were on the scales it changes alot with wheel wights with out much jacking of wight.


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posted June 16, 2004 10:10 PM           send a private message to chapa73   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/QuoteBBBBBB
Since you don't have scales to see exactly how far you've gone, the best thing to do is to start putting even turns on the weight jacks. Go down x # of turns on the RF & LR and up same x # of turns on the LF & RR. (i.e.- down 5 turns on RF/LR, up 5 on LF/RR) This will keep your front to rear % the same. Hopefully somebody here can give you a good number of turns to get you in the ball park. My best guess is 8 to 10 full turns. Then if you need more rear bite just center the weight.

If anybody can get him closer on # of turns, please do, I'm kind of stabbing at it.

Wish I could be more exact. This will increase your cross % and may loosen you up going in, but will tighten under power & off.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted June 17, 2004 07:01 AM  
mod70 is right without scales you will have to add turns to r/f l/r and remove from l/f r/r and keep ride hieghts the same and bring r/f l/r weights up and drop l/f r/r. hard to tell how many turns weight jack treads can be differant. i would just try 5 turns each and see what happens can always add more or less after you run the car

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posted June 17, 2004 08:21 AM  
is this something severe or do you think it is a caster issue? More caster will help the car remain in a straight line.

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 17, 2004 08:41 AM  
Trust me on this one as far as the darting goes check the caster. I had my car doing the same thing until I let a friend's son drive it while I was off helpin momma with the new baby. He redid my Caster/camber settings and man it made a **** of a difference.

5 turns should equal out to about a 1/2 inch of movement on the car and on my car that equals bout 40lbs.

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 17, 2004 09:17 AM  
thanks guys,I will re-set my camber and caster.

I will get it on some scales soon,prolly in the next few weeks.

Dirt Freak

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posted June 17, 2004 11:09 AM  
if it doesn't dart til it gets up some speed then I would say the darting is in relationship to caster balance. If no brakes or throttle are applied!

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