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Author Topic:   modified??
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posted June 04, 2004 05:32 PM  
what is the best chassis to buy wanting to go to mods but want a great car under me and does it have to be new or will an older one work ?you guys tell me thanks alot

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You're going to get alot of different answers to this one, and people are partial to the cars they drive. I run a Hoffman '01 metric and love it, however it is also the only one I've ever had the chance to run. The most common chassis are Dirt Works and Harris. Both are very good cars if you get a good set up under them. But then again, most mods can be fast with the right set up. Jet and Skyrocket chassis seem to be just as good as any. The biggest factor on what to buy is your own pocketbook. How much cake do you want to drop? A new chassis with a 4 link sus, pull bar, direct drive tranny, big motor, and all the goodies is gonna run you a pretty penny. Simpler suspentions like 2 link or leaf spring will save some money and can be just as fast or even faster in certian situations, not to mention eaiser to learn how to dial them in. In my opnion, a good used chassis with a 2 link set up is probably the best bet to get started in modifieds. You can always move up to the trick suspensions after a few years of learning. Not to mention the fact that it really ***** to go out and tear up a brand new high dollar car while you're learning.

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 05, 2004 01:08 PM  

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 05, 2004 02:22 PM  
Maybe you can look at your local track and see what chassis the locals are running, that way you would have access to help for set ups and adustments. We started out with a used one and have worked our way up. Just my opinion.

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posted June 05, 2004 09:45 PM  
you will probally want a used one.
here are my views on chassis.
if you have a ton of money and want the best get a skyrocket. thats it.
if you want a car that is still pricy for front end parts but there alot of racers in them so you can get help very easy get a dirtworks.
if you want a new one and not spend a ton i would recomend a cheetah chassis, not very many of them but well built cars.
go to
as far as other used chassis or new.
bms is a good car i run one. had good luck with them, metric stub.
harris fast cars but seen and fixed alot of welds on them, mainly the chromoloy cars.
be weary of any chromoly car!!! if done 100% correctly they are good cars, but can be very brittle and break alot of welds if not perfect. and still perfect welds need looked at alot.
my opinion chromoly cars are not worth the money.
jet mods, seen some and heard up and down on them, some love them some hate them, i have heard they bend easy.
you may look at a custom performance car, he is on here alot and seems to build a good car, i have not seen any up close but he seems to be a very nice helpful guy, and a good car builder.
hoffmans i have seen some, but never super close i know one great driver that got rid of his and got a dw because he did not like it, he said it felt pretty good just was not quite what he wanted.
some advice if your just starting get a used one.
then call up the chassis place and ask them some regular questions, even if they seem dumb just to see if they will be willing to help you out. and see if you will be helped or on your own.
also see what is fast around you. that helps too.
another thing is look over a used car very good and look under the drivers area, alot of cars bend there and they are hard to see if bent until you get it up in the air.
also as far as price...
the cheapest to get front end parts for is a ford crown vic or a chevy metric with metric lowers.
most expensive is the 68-72?chevelle like dirtworks and harris both use alot.
and the rear suspension pieces all cost the same no matter what the front stub is(all fab stuff).
friend of mine, dustin boney(justins little brother), really likes a hughes car, he drives them and is very very very fast all the time in it. he loves it.
i have looked it over and it is well built also.

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posted June 05, 2004 09:48 PM  
i meant above to say to call that chassis place before you buy the car to see how helpfull they are, also many places have a used chassis place you could call and see what they have some have great deals.

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posted June 06, 2004 11:49 AM  
Most important, at least to me is what rear suspension the car is. I would recommend a swing car if its your first modified. 2 links are easier to tune and understand right off i feel.

Plus they allow plenty of room for improvements. Spring on housing, infront on left rear, clamped on left rear. Plenty of options to work with but still pretty simple to understand. Add that to the fact that they have killer fwd bite, usually.

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posted June 07, 2004 06:46 AM  
You might also consider how close the chassis builder is to your home town. If you race long enough, the time will come when you bend the front clip or rear clip and have to repair it. If you don't have the ability or the time to perform the repair, you will need to take the car to the chassis builder.

I'd recommend a good proven used car. Perhaps find a guy that would like to help you out if you buy his car.

Be willing to spend every piece of free time you have and throw a lot of money at it if you want to be good.

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