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Author Topic:   help...more forward bite
Dirt Roller

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posted May 17, 2004 02:57 PM  
I run a multi leaf car on a high banked 1/4 mile and when the track gets dry and slick I lose all forward bite. car works great when the track is tacky.

i run 56.5% rear, 55.2%left, 50.6% cross
700 lf spring, 750 rf spring, 175 leafs

i would appreciate any suggestions

Dirt Maniac

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posted May 17, 2004 03:05 PM  
add more rear percentage. That should help a lot.

Dirt Roller

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posted May 17, 2004 05:07 PM  
how much do you think? the only way to do that is add weight or move weight right?
I dont think that there is any thing i can move back any farther, my battery is right in front of my left rear wheel, would moving it behind help at all?

thanks again

Dirt Maniac

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posted May 17, 2004 05:32 PM  
you could use the front weight jacks to add weight to the back. Or of you dont have front weight jacks, just add lead to the car.
If you dont want to change the way it handles make sure you take the same number of turns out of each side or add lead directly in the middle of car.

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted May 17, 2004 06:28 PM  
turning weight jacks will not add rear%.

The only way to change left% or rear% is to physically add or move weight in the car.

Dirt Freak

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posted May 17, 2004 07:43 PM  
you will have to add lead to rear of car.
I use to run leafs and you need about 60+ for rear percentages on a leaf car

Dirt Newbie

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posted May 19, 2004 05:45 AM  
take out some cross weight and make sure you have about and 1 1/2 of wedge in the car, u could increase your left rear spring to help get off the corner

Dirt Maniac

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posted May 19, 2004 07:51 AM  
Most mods have the battery mounted further back, that will definitely help some. Most people I talk to like to start the race at close to 60% rear weight, full fuel,with driver. That said, don't mistake a loose car for one that has no forward bite. Just because you are not spinning out does not mean you are tight enough. With a multi-leaf car adjustments are limited. There's a device some people call a devil's arm that can be added to drive the car off the corner better. It's basically a half leaf added to the left spring stack. Maybe someone else on the site has used one and can explain it better. I've heard they work well.

Dirt Forum Racer

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posted May 20, 2004 09:57 AM  
Look for what you can move from the left to the rear. Target left as low 52% and move that weight to the rear.

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