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Author Topic:   Ram Assault Weapon Questions...
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posted April 17, 2004 09:11 PM  
if a ram assault weapon clutch was slipping would you be able to smell it?

something is definitely wrong.....the car gets through the corners really well and hits the rev limiter all the way down the straights. it's never done this before last night. it lasted the whole race and didn't get any worse as the race progressed. does this sound like the clutch? i've used the same clutch since 1999 without a rebuild......what do you guys think?

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posted April 17, 2004 10:56 PM  
A couple years ago...Before the Bert (shameless plug for a great tranny) I put my Ram back together and put those tiny washers on the inside of the pressure plate. It was just enough that the clutchs splipped with the power band hit. The funny thing is that it never stunk???? I also did not see it get any worse towards the end of the race. I raced the entire night this way and it survived.

However, I did replace my disks the next week. If you have ran your since 99...I say it is time! I would only get one season from my 5.25 Tilton and about 2 max from my Ram.

Put the car in high gear and dump the clutch. You can tell if the clutch slips if you are limping along and try this. A good triple disk will pull the motor down at pretty much any RPM.

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posted April 18, 2004 12:55 PM  
I dont Know what the ram clutch looks like but I assume it is simmilar to tilton .....this might sound dumb but if you had the clutch appart for inspection and did not put the discs back in in the proper order this will cause bad problems .....I know because I allowed one of my inexpierienced pit men to re assemble my clutch and he tried to put the middle disk in the wrong place .......I cant complain about the voluntier help but I learned an expensive lesson......could this have happened to you ?

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posted April 18, 2004 01:15 PM  
thanks for the replies guys. i think i have it figured out. i don't think the clutch is slipping. today i warmed the engine up and brought it up to the rev limiter in neutral. it sounds different on the limiter than it did on the track. i didn't have the tach in it to verify this, but i don't think i was on the limiter at the track. i think the plugs are fouled.....the floats stuck when i first started it up at the track and i believe it fuel fouled the plugs then.

so let me re-phrase my you think fuel fouled plugs could cause a high rpm miss? i believe this is the correct diagnosis. when the track was tacky i could "flat-foot" the throttle in the center of the corner and it didn't sputter. it seems that if the clutch was slipping it would've slipped in the center of the turn on a tacky track when the engine was loaded hard.......any comments?

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posted April 18, 2004 04:45 PM  
I have had a Tach go bad and cause this problem, I had someone tell me it was the tach at the track and did not beleive them. I did not find it until we put it on a run in stand and it ran fine. Put it back into the car and it would act up. We started to switch the MSD and such from the stand to the car and it didn't stop until the tach was changed.

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