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Author Topic:   return line
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posted April 12, 2004 03:24 PM  
Running a Rons belt drive fuel pump we have 8an to the pump 8an from pump to fuel log then we have 6an from regulator on back of log to fuel cell. My question is what size hose from regulator to cell does everbody run. We have a miss and have checked eveything ignition,timing,carb,filter,we set the pressure the way everybody here does by setting the idle crimp the return till the pressure on the fuel gauge comes up to 9lbs. then set the floats till they just trickle out the hole but at the track a friend that runs a modified said the pressure might be right but the return is not big enough to keep up and starts backing up pressure and then it runs over. It does not miss for about the first 2-3 laps.

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posted April 12, 2004 03:33 PM  
We run a -6 return line. Never had trouble.
What do you have for fuel pressure on the track? Do you run a regulator or a pill bypass? When it starts to miss what is your fuel pressure?

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posted April 12, 2004 03:51 PM  
Fuel pressure is between 9-10 when we hot lap and it didn't miss there but only turn 6500 only during heats and feature when I turned 7400 it was super sloppy during hot laps this problem happen at the end of last year and just carring over with the new motor. Pressure during feature I don't know couldn't watch it I was in traffic the hole time and the gage is little. Its and adjustable pressure relief valve from speedway for alky with the jet in it idials at 3lbs is were we have it.

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posted April 13, 2004 06:22 AM  
I have a rons pump also and had a problem with it and they told me I needed a 5/8 supply line and 1/2 return to opperate properly. They told me to use the Barry Grant diaphram bypass pressure regulator. They also told me that the pump will not suck fuel. Meening its a gravity feed pump. So it has to be primed good and not have no air in the line. If you did or have all this and still have problems then you might want to check your fitting and make sure your not sucking air into the system. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

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