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Author Topic:   Early entry list for Miller Modified Nationals
Dirt Roller

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posted November 10, 2003 08:57 PM  
Here’s who we have so far:
Justin Rayburn
Phil Dixon
Johnny Bone
Jason Hughes
Skeet Ameson
Gene Boyter
Lawrence Mikulencak
Jim Mikulencak
George White
Howard Willis
James Schach
David Schury
Lupe Gomez
Jeremy Haddox
Lee Jay Haddox
Gene Powell
Derek Knowles
Terry Woodall
Clay Huston
TJ Huston
Klint Pursley
Ron Carroll
Jeff Jackson
Randy Timms
Royce Danner
Robert Boyd
Dale Flanagan
Glen Hibbard
Allen Williams
Robert Dose
Johnny Wallon
Big Mike McCarthy
Daryl Hugaboom
Cecil Ross
Steve Whiteaker
Steven Whiteaker
Burl Hollingsworth
Russell Moore
Greg Atwood
Keith White
Bobby Maupin
Newton Barta
Kenneth Cox
Robbie Starnes
Eddie Martin
Trace Devine
Cris Carrol
Charley Hiller
Adam Schach
Adan Arambula
Austin Carter
The list grows longer each day.
Will keep you posted as more come in.

J M Hallas
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