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Author Topic:   Topless 100 @ Cowtown Spwy. Saturday qualifying results
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posted October 05, 2003 10:56 AM  
Topless 100 @ Cowtown Speedway 10/3-10/5/03
By Shannon Young
Saturday Nights Qualifying
George White and Howard Willis lead the field to the green flag. The two ran side by side with G White leading by a bumper at the line. With G White taking a slight lead, Jeremy Willis joined in and challenged H Willis for 2nd. J Willis took over 2nd spot on lap 3. In the middle of the pack Mark Noble, Jimmy Littlejohn, Jared Webb, and Brandon Smith battled 5 wide for position on lap 4. J Willis and H Willis again battled side by side for 2nd on lap 5 with J Willis hanging on to the spot. On lap 7 H Willis suffered a bad push in turn 2 allowing Keith White to take over 3rd and quickly challenge J Willis for 2nd.

With J Willis running the bottom and K White running the top, the two battled side by side for 2nd on lap 8. J Willis hugging the bottom, crept up on the inside of G White and challenged for the lead on lap 9. G White held the lead and K White still running high challenged J Willis again for 2nd. The 2 ran side by side swapping 2nd several times while both were challenging for the lead. On lap 12 J Willis again challenged for the lead, and K White tried to make it 3 wide by splitting J Willis and G White On lap 13, J Willis still hugging the bottom, took over the lead getting by G White.
Tryston Dycus, Pat Graham, and Wayne Brooks battled hard for the 5th and final transfer spot on lap 6 with Graham taking the spot on lap 16. With more side by side battling going on for 1st and 2nd, the battle went 3 wide again with Tryston Dycus, Pat Graham, and Howard Willis fighting hard for 4th on laps 18 and 19. With 5 to go, the running order was G White, J Willis, K White, Graham, Dycus, H Willis, Brooks, Noble, Webb, Smith, McEwen, Sigman, Moore, Leuschner, Bates, and Lopez.
I really can't do this race justice! These guys J, Willis, G White, and K White, battled side by side, door to door for the lead with no driver taking a clear advantage for the final 5 laps.
As they took the checkered flag J Willis and G White were side by side with J Willis just a nose ahead of G White as G White scrapped the wall going under the flag stand! Jeremy Willis comin from his 3rd starting spot, fought hard and earned the win in his Lone Star Chassis powered by Billy's Racing Engines sponsored by Pro Floors, Willis Contracting, and Mikes Gen. Moving.

1st 010 Jeremy Willis
2nd 181 George White
3rd 1W Keith White
4th 156 Tryston Dycus
5th 81K Pat Graham
6th UFO Wayne Brooks
7th 23 Howard Willis
8th 74 Mark Noble
9th 15J Jared Webb
10th 115 Brandon Smith
11th 26 Brad McEwen
12th 48 Ronny Sigman
13th 89 Glen Leuschner
14th 148 Russell Moore
15th 12 Scooter Bates
16th 27 Jimmy Littlejohn
17th 122 Jason Gore
18th 1 James Lopez
19th 10 Cameron West
20th 011 Chris Glick
21st 04 Paul White

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