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Author Topic:   Topless 100 @ Cowtown Spwy. Fri. Quaifying results
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posted October 04, 2003 08:46 AM  
Topless 100 @ Cowtown Speedway 10/3-10/5/03
By Shannon Young
Friday Night Qualifying
Kennedale, Texas. Sean Jones and Justin Boney lead the 20 car field to the green. Jones grabbed the lead with Boney right behind. Adam Larson and Boney had a great battle for 2nd that lasted the greater part of the race. Larson and Boney ran side by side several laps swapping the position. Chris Brown, Glen Leuschner, Clyde Dunn and Wayne Brooks battled hard for 6th ending up with Dunn spinning in 3 and 4 bringing out the 1st caution of the night. On the same lap at the other end of the track, Mark Noble clipped the inside tire, snapping a tie rod and ending his night.

On the restart Jones was followed by Boney, Larson, Cameron West, and Brian David. Laps 10 and 11 saw Boney and Larson again battling side by side for 2nd while Leuschner clipped the infield tire in 3 and 4 but was able to continue. At halfway the running order was Jones, Boney, Larson, West, Brooks, Brown, Taylor, Keith White, Josh Landers, Ronny Cook, Leuschner and Greg Atwood. The 2nd caution of the night came on lap 14 when Atwood got into the back of Leuschner sending Leushner spinning into the tire in turn 2.

Jones, still holding the lead on the restart was again followed by Boney, Larson, Brooks, Taylor, Brown. Jones hugging the tires at both ends was pulling away from the continuing hard battle for 2nd between Larson and Boney still running side by side. Taylor joined in the battle for 2nd making it 3 wide in turns 1-2 on lap 16 and 17. Lap 18, Boney and Taylor battled side by side for 2nd with Larson right behind. Taylor secured 2nd coming off turn 4 going into lap 19. With 5 to go it was Jones, Taylor, Boney, Larson, Brooks, K White, Landers, Cook, and Brown. Jones, who was being held up by the lap car of Bobby Malchus had a full straight lead over Taylor. The 3rd caution came on the white flag lap when Atwood made contact with the turn 4 tire ending his night.

On the green/white/checkered restart the field was lead by Jones. Behind Jones was the lap car of Malchus on the inside with 2nd place car, Taylor on the outside followed by Larson, Bone, Brooks, K White, Cook and Landers. Jones was on a rail on the bottom. While Boney made the best of the restart pinning Larson behind the lap car of Malchus, and taking over 3rd spot. Boney would then pick off Taylor on the last lap but there was no catching Jones.

Jones on his home turf in his Chuck Hart wrenched TMC Trackmaster Chassis powered by Southwest Engines, SVT Graphics, PSC Power Steering Components, and Harts Connection showed some of the best drivers in the nation how to work the bottom at Cowtown Speedway taking home the win! Boney in his Harris Chassis Borco car started in 2nd and fought hard to cross the line 2nd. Taylor in his newly acquired DirtWorks Chassis started 9th and crossed the line 3rd. Adam Larson in his Larsons Chassis started 4th and finished 4th, but earned every bit of it. Wayne Brooks in his Shaw Chassis came from 11th to round out the top 5 qualified cars for Sundays A-Main inside row!

Qualifying A-Main Results- Top 5 transfer to Sundays A-Main inside row. 6-10 transfer to Sundays B-Main.
1st 5 Sean Jones
2nd 18 Justin Boney
3rd 221 Troy Taylor
4th 2L Adam Larson
5th UFO Wayne Brooks
6th 1W Keith White
7th 14J Josh Landers
8th 81 Ronny Cook
9th 21X Brian David
10th 48 Ronny Sigman
11th 115 Brandon Smith
12th 21 Chris Brown
13th 4 Bobby Malchus
14th 88 Clyde Dunn
15th 23A Greg Atwood
16th 10 Cameron West
17th 89 Glenn Leuschner
18th 015 Thomas Blackwell
19th 74 Mark Noble
20th 82 Brandon Houk

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