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posted July 27, 2003 02:29 PM  
WWW.THEDIRTSEARCH.COM is now available for use by all Dirt Track Racing Fans, Drivers, and Crew Members.

We at HRS Applications have implemented this site to be able to be used from your very own website as a complete search tool. You may find the code at to add for FREE which will enable you to search the database, right from your site.

You can add your own URL to be spidered by our engines in order to get you listed in this engine here !

Search Tips: The Dirt Search works just like any other search engine, where, if you are searching for a one word search, just add the word to the search box and click search. If you are searching for "racing shock", then the engine will see the quotes " " and know to search for racing and shock together as a string. If you search for racing shock without the quotes, it will search for the keyword racing and the keyword shock individually and it will give you different information. It is always a good practice on any search engine to use quotes "racing shock" to narrow down your search results and get what your looking for.
If you have any questions, you may email us at for prompt response.

With 6,500 pages already indexed, this can be a valuable tool for all of us racers to use and enjoy. The site will continue to get bigger, as more people use it, so feel free to get your site indexed now!

Enjoy Everyone!!! We have worked, really hard on this!


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