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Author Topic:   Chassis' in your region.
Anthony USA-1
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posted May 18, 2003 03:50 PM  
I am from Western Pennsylvania, and I noticed that the majority of the chassis' that are mentioned on this board are not very prevalent in Western Pa. There are tons of Harris, and Thrown' Dirt cars. There are a few Lazer, Bob Pierce, and other homemade chassis' like Wizard, Integra, etc etc... but I know of only 1 Dirtworks car out here, and 2 GRT cars, just to name a few.

Do you guys find this happening in your area too? Are there certain chassis manufacturers that kind of dominate your area, and then there are a few homemade chassis' floating around to? Just wondering.

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posted May 18, 2003 05:42 PM  
I haven't noticed one chassis taking over, but I did notice that down here in east texas, there aren't many harris cars, and I have never seen a throwin' dirt chassis. Mainly Dirt Works, Qwik, or HOT chassis. I've seen a Hughes chassis, several hoovers, and a GRT or two. Every once in a while you come across something different, but mainly those cars.

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posted May 18, 2003 06:45 PM  
Some of the big names of course have chassis in every state and there are the popular local built cars that maybe sell a few cars in a few states surrounding their home state and thats it. There is also the few well built small # guys chassis floating around as well. There is some bigger name chassis in mods that also build late models and they really do not push their mods as the lates are their primary business. Their mods would be more popular if they were pushed as hard as their lates.

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posted June 20, 2003 08:38 AM  
Here in Upstate NY, the DIRT Mods have Bicknell, Troyer, TEO, and a few others. I only get to see IMCA mods at one Friday night track in Brewerton, NY, and the only chassis I've heard of is Dirt Works.

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posted June 20, 2003 09:31 PM  
In Northeast Arkansas we get mostly Dirt Works with an equal amount of Hoffman, GRT, and Shaw

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posted July 12, 2003 10:58 AM  
The most popular chassis I've heard in Upstate NY (Southern Tier) is Dirt Works and Harris. There are some others that show up more than once like Pro-Chassis.

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