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Author Topic:   M&M Motorsports - Website
Dirt Full Roller

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posted April 30, 2003 07:08 AM  
M&M Motorsports has their website up:


Dirt Forum Racer

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posted May 03, 2003 01:23 AM  
What clip do they use, year and type of car please?

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted May 03, 2003 07:53 AM  
Late 80's Ford fullsize frame off crown vic, lincoln etc.

Dirt Maniac

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posted May 16, 2003 10:40 PM  
They build a very nice chassis and are very helpful on the tech assistance. Mike and Bob do a lot of research and testing to keep up with the competition. I have had several top builders cars and they are by far the best help I ever got!!!!

Dirt Full Roller

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posted May 23, 2003 07:17 AM  
I'll second what 36k says about being helpful.

We bought a used M&M chassis from another team for our first year in mods. You'd never know we didn't buy it directly from Mike and Bob. They're always ready to help us with setup ideas, etc. You'll find Mike at the track going from car to car helping the M&M car teams.

Like 36k said, they're always research and trying to find way to make their chassis faster.

I garantee ya'. As long as we're running a Mod it'll be an M&M.


Dirt Freak

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posted May 25, 2003 06:23 AM  
i saw an m&m chassis at tipton last fall,trully a fast looked just like the one pictured on thier website,#43 veloze,jr.but i dont swear to it that it was his dw8 didnt even make the show.

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