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Author Topic:   Harpole is first double winner at Canyon Raceway
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posted February 11, 2002 06:25 PM  
Harpole is first double winner at Canyon Raceway
By Sandy Combs
PEORIA, Ariz. (Feb. 9) - Jerry Harpole mastered the field in week three.
He accomplished the same feat two weeks later to become the first double winner in the Barnett Harley-Davidson Canyon Raceway Winter Series.
The 30-lap I.M.C.A. Sunoco Modified feature was greeted with a re-start, a red flag and finally a black flag.
After heavy winds all day, the track surface had taken a heavy beating so more water had to be laid down. The feature proved to be worth the delay, as cars raced three-wide most of the way.
Harpole took the lead at the green but the yellow flew as Craig Nelson was tagged and spun. On the next start, Har-pole again jumped into the lead, followed by Jayson Soyko and Aaron Spangler.
With one lap down, points leader Terry Belcher Jr. had a flat and went off turn three to bring out the yellow. Spangler pulled up to the leader several times and was ahead of Harpole when the two came to the start-finish line at lap seven.
Harpole fought back and recaptured the lead. There were no more cautions until the 13th circuit, when rookie Tony Martin spun. Soyko got by Anthony Madrid to take third on lap 17.
Jason Kerekanich clipped Joe Warner on lap 19; Warner could not continue and Kerekanich was sent to the back. The last 11 laps were fast and close all the way as Harpole took home the win ahead of Spangler, Dan Klinder, Madrid and Brandon Carley.
The series concludes next Saturday. Belcher takes a three-point lead over Carley and Klinder into the final race.
Feature Results - 1. Jerry Harpole Jr.; 2. Aaron Spangler; 3. Dan Klinder; 4. Anthony Madrid; 5. Brandon Carley; 6. Christy Georges; 7. Jayson Soyko; 8. Terry Belcher Sr.; 9. Rick Ward; 10. John Cornell; 11. Chuck Black; 12. Sherman Barnett; 13. Craig Nelson; 14. Bill Lundock; 15. Chris Remetes; 16. Larry Cornell; 17. Danny Nelson Jr.; 18. Joe Carr; 19. Terry Belcher Jr.; 20. Ricky Thornton; 21. Jason Kerekanich; 22. Joe Warner; 23. Tony Miller; 24. Tony Martin.

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