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Author Topic:   I feel fortunate to have what I have......
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posted September 14, 2001 04:14 PM  
Well said. Suddenly racing doesn't seem so important.

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posted September 15, 2001 10:18 PM  
I wanted to share my Friday, September 14th with you all.
After the terrorist attack, bad things just kept coming...
My step father (a Viet Nam Veteran) passed away on Wednesday evening. Our last conversation was about the attack and how we(our country) needed to try to go on living as normal as possible. That we needed to stand together. Little did I realize it would be the last time he gave me advice.
Thursday evening, I had a telephone call that my friend and her husband were on the jet that hit the Pentagon.
I just couldn't stop the tears and wandered around my place aimlessly.
Friday after the calling hours, I took my step father's advice and went to Bloomington Speedway.
I caught up with lots of my racing buddies.
Everywhere I looked there were American Flags flying, on race cars, on haulers, on the official's 4 wheelers, and of course race fan cars. People were wearing red, white and blue.
God Bless America was sung followed by a moment for prayer or silence.
Later, the national Anthem was sung, another moment for prayer or silence. The Red Cross had a trailer for donations as well.
It's the first time I can remember at a race that there was no rough driving, no arguing.
I was so thankful to be there, with some of my racing family.
I will always remember that night.
Just wanted to say ThANKS to Bloomington for racing and honoring the victims and to my racing family that was present for being there.

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