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Author Topic:   Who is leading UMP Modified points?
88 Colorado Hughes fan
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posted August 29, 2001 11:14 PM  
Does anyone know who is leading the UMP Modified points? and can someone also find out where my uncle Colorado Hughes is in UMP National points. Any help would be appreciated!

Dirt Newbie

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posted August 29, 2001 11:37 PM  
The current UMP Point Leader is #22s Chad Kinder from Newton, IL. He races at Clay County Speedway (Flora, IL) on Friday nights and Red Hill Raceway (Sumner, IL) on Saturday nights.

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posted September 06, 2001 04:22 PM  
As of August 12, 2001 UMP points were as follows:
Chad Kinder
Denny Schwarts
Jimmy Owens

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