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Author Topic:   WV Motorspeedway Results Clarification
Dirt Freak

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posted July 16, 2001 08:19 AM  
A few quick notes on how things went down to shed any light on the controversy with the feature results last night.
1. I asked many of the drivers during intermission if they wanted to run a 20 lap feature or 25. They all said 20, due to the lack of the purse
2. I approached the WVMS official and told them that we wanted a 20 lap feature.
3. They called the tower and told them that. Tower said OK
4. Pit official then announced across the PA system the new format.
5. I personally walked around and told every driver that it would be 20 laps
6. Here is where the trouble begins.
7. From what I can see, no one in the tower told the flagman or the scorers that is was a 20 lap feature, not 25.
8. On the 21st lap Eddie Harmon passes Bruce Dennis for the lead. Greg Schilling also passes Bruce Dennis.
9. An AMRA offical was on the track (scale area). From what I can gather, it was a 20lap feature that was the posted format, and that is why he posted the final results.
He was only doing his job.
I would also like to add that I know alot of guys were ticked off; and I do apologize.
You must also understand we are not associated with the race track. The monies we were paid went back to the drivers, including the ones who did not start the feature, or even a heat race. We organized
it because of our love of the sport.


Jay W. Howe

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