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Author Topic:   New age Vs. Old School
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posted July 27, 2005 08:56 AM  
First off this should NOT be a battle between the EFI guys and the Carb Breathers but rather a very opinionated discussion filled with very good arguments weather or not to run EFI and If it we're you WHAT WOULD YOU RUN!!!!

OUR track rules can be found at

As of now we are running a Mustang with in the rules and are a top 5 consistant car...but lookin at the "writing on the wall" next year could put us in the top 10

There is NO year cut off and one guy has already a 2005 cobalt ready to go and currently has a 2004 cav...also there are plenty of 96 and up Cavs and ONE HOTTT NEON(this NEON IS A SOHC 2door 1996 version with the 5sp) and is the winninest CAR for the past 2years at three area tracks!

I have seen these FWDS and Rear Slingers competing together for 4-5 years now and one thing is for sure is the FWDs are the HOT CARS at least at our track and the other area tracks...

Also the FWD's Get on the GAS and STAND on it where at least our stang we have to get off the throttle and set then "Feather" the gas through the corner (I understand set up is the KEY and we work on it constintly) then mash it just after the apex.

NOW the question here is with our Rules and on a normal racers budget what would you choose to run and Why.....


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posted July 27, 2005 10:20 AM  
Well to me. I think i would go with a mustang. I kinda like the rwds more. But also a carb. Less to go wrong easier to fix. Plus the fact that i bet that HOT neon isnt by any means stock. A 2.3 you can do a lot to well any motor you can. But a 2.3 might be a lil cheaper. I would just build a motor for it and go. JMO

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posted July 27, 2005 01:41 PM  
Ok, after checking out your rules it looks like your suspension is supposed to be completely stock. I think this is where your problem is. My experience is that a poorly handling FWD will usually beat a poorly handling RWD. At the same time, though, a well setup RWD will usually be able to beat most FWDs. If they are extremely strict on the suspension rules, then you are probably going to be at a disadvantage with a RWD.

My opinion is that it should be the responibility of the track to create a set of rules that best applies to the majority of cars out there. I have been working on this for quite a while. My goal is to create a set of rules where modern sports compact cars can compete with more traditional "mini stocks" in both stock and modified type classes. This is big part of what my Four Cylinder Racing Alliance is about. If you never have check out my website, the address is Right now my main concentration is the FCRA Northeast Nationals, so if you want to see an example of our rules click on the Nationals link at the top. These aren't exactly the ideal, mostly because I have made changes for the sake of car count. If you are interested in what changes I plan to make in the future, I am more than happy to tell anyone.

Nate Stevens
Four Cylinder Racing Alliance

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posted July 29, 2005 03:48 AM  
Nate yeah i have been to the site and have looked at the rules and agree that it is up to the track to make a set of rules that applies to most but the majority of cars that are showing and this is a trend that started about 3-5 years now is there are more and more FWD then RWD being made AND here in our area the stangs are getting few and far in between and the newer Cavs and the like are becoming the most reddily available cars around.

Also 19J in our rules we have to have a stock bottom end with the exception of the .030 bore + .010 for clean-up and the bare minimum for any shaving again this is for clean-up purpose NO strokers NO porting polishing we are pretty well stock and our cam rule only allows for a .454 lift max...

As of now we are at that point and that is that and we have to weigh in at 2500lbs and the multi-valves and the dual cam cars need to be 2700lbs but that is just worthless really...

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