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Author Topic:   FWD Cavalier 2.0 L
Terry Dreyer
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posted July 02, 2005 07:46 AM  
Ran for the first time last Friday night & had a blast. Started getting the hang of it late in the feature, didn't finish last, & didn't get lapped. Only traded just a little bit of paint when a guy tried to cut down on me & I said was a good night.

Here's the bad news....I don't think I can keep up with most of the cars in the straights. During a yellow, engine was cutting out really bad & the flagman was on my **** to close the gap, I thought I was going to have to pull off. When we kicked in & went to green, engine started running good with accel pedal mashed to the floor & it doesn't feel like its cutting out at all.

During feature I never touched the clutch once in 3rd, kept the accel pedal to the floor & used the brakes to steer my way around the corners & it seemed to work pretty well but I wasn't carrying wnough RPM's out of the turns.

I'm running R14's all the way came with R13's. I had R14-60's on left side & R14-70's on right side for about 1inch ~ 1.5 inch of stagger. Will I be able to get the extra RPM's by going back to R13's on the front? Also will this switch give me a significant HP gain so I don't get blasted by on the straights?

Looking for help before next Friday night...sorry this almost turned into a novel.

Terry Dreyer
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posted July 09, 2005 08:42 PM  
I replaced the fuel injector this past week & engine runs a lot better....but still got my **** handed to me.

I was real worried about the car being too tight (typical FWD problem from what I hear) but I ended up being a little too loose this week....did the round d' round twice. Air pressure in both rear tires was 35psi....I think too high now....

I still don't seem to have enough engine even though it ran much better this week. I changed RF to a P175/65R14 from the P195/70R14 after the heat race & I did pick up some RPM's but I still don't think its going to be enough.

I would sure appreciate any helpful comments that any of you experts out there might have for me. I'm already running pretty short tires on the front so I don't think I'm going to gain a whole lot of HP dropping down to R13's. What should my next move be????

Dirt Freak

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posted July 10, 2005 08:52 PM  
First tell me how many rpms your are running exactly. Then tell me the true size of your 13s just cuz they are 13 or 14s dont say much i want all of it like you did with the 14s saying 195 70 14. How many rpms going into the corner middle of corner and coming out of the corner. Tell me all that and ill see if i can help you. Im not an expert but i might be able to help. 195s really arent that short. I have 185 65s on my car now i was running 205s and 195s night and day difference in size. my 185s are babys compared to the others.

Terry Dreyer
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posted July 16, 2005 12:32 PM  
Thanks 19J,

Sorry I haven't cheked back on the forum for about a week...was out of town on business.

I'll have to get those rpm's for you...I've got a tach but didn't get it installed yet. I'm looking at having it ready to go by next Friday night & I'll update you with the info.

I ran better last finish yet. I ran a P185 65R14 on RF & P175 60R14 on LF that gave me about 1 inch of stagger. I also backed off the rear air pressure from 35 psi in both tires to 30 RR & 28 LR. Car felt pretty good & was doing well in corners but once again losing ground in strights.

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posted July 16, 2005 09:40 PM  
HEy, i am new also. I have been givin some advice that i have yet got to try & maybe you are already doing it. Gas Right Foot, Brake Left & Keep the RPM's up. My best has been a 5th & my Brother-in-laws 1st race he took 4th & was using this method. Good Luck
I also have a 2.0 Are you usin a Superchip? or other chip? If so where cana guy get one?

Bryan Wright

Terry Dreyer
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posted July 18, 2005 08:37 PM  

I have tried braking with the right foot while keeping on the gas with the left. I did this trying to stay in 3rd gear but I had trouble keeping the rpm's up high enough & I think it hurt me coming off the turns. It could be that I was applying the brakes too hard coming into the turn & losing too much speed but I'm not sure at this point.

I am finding that I need to shift back down into 2nd during the turn in order to come out of the turn with decent rpm's & then shifting into 3rd about mid-straight. But as I said above too many other cars are leaving me in the straights. I have pretty good luck getting back closer to them in the turns so I think my car is handling pretty well right now but overall I am losing ground.

I actually took 10th place last Friday night so I am making some progress each week but our track runs 2 features with about 40 cars in total so that 10th place might actually be closer to mid pack at best. I pretty much stayed with shifting from 2nd to 3rd & vice versa to finish this well.

Possibly I just need some more advice on how to properly brake with right foot while staying on the gas; i.e, when & how long to apply brakes, whether to shift during turns, etc.

As far as the superchip you mentioned, if you mean the resistor that you can install to fool the ECM into thinking air temp is cooler & causing ECM to dump more gas into the engine, I haven't heard to many good things about those. I thought about getting one & trying it until a couple of guys on this forum said that the ECM would only be fooled for alittle while & then re-learn/re-program itself back to normal so the benefit is only going to be temporary at best. If you want to try one I have seen them advertized on Ebay & they are pretty cheap. Look back thru this forum archives & you'll be able to see some more info on these resistors.

Good luck & if anyone has more info on proper right foot braking; i.e., what I am doing wrong, I'm all ears.

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