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Author Topic:   GEO Prizim Questions! HELP!!!!!
Ego Racing
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posted April 19, 2005 06:13 PM  
I am building a GEO Prizm for a FWD class where it has to remain STOCK! I am in need of some info on where to connect an oil pressure guage and a temp guage to the motor. I was thinking of just using the factory temp unit to trip a light but I have no clue on the oil pressure. Also is there any tricks on the motor like stock parts that make more power or any hi out put factory computers anyone knows of? I will be GREATLY THANKFUL for any info you guys can give me. This thing is alot different than the open wheels and late models I am used to!!!!!

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posted April 20, 2005 07:39 AM  
I'm not familiar with your Geo, but I can give you a general knowledge observation. I would only use the temperature light as an attention getter. If you don't have a gauge and the light sending unit trips at 240 degrees, you're temperature could be 241 degrees or 270. You have no way of knowing if you should back off a little or pit.

If the Geo had an "idiot light" for oil pressure, you'll have to locate the sending unit, remove it and install a fitting to connect to a stainless steel flex line to run to the oil pressure gauge. Depending on who built the engine, the oil pressure hole could be either 1/8 NPT or 1/8 BSPT. Make sure you have the correct adapter to screw in the hole. The NPT is 27 threads per inch and the BSPT is 28 threads per inch.

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