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Author Topic:   82 Mustang
Dirt Freak

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posted November 20, 2004 10:46 AM  
This isnt my car but it is for sale. 82 Mustang I think its a 5 speed(could be 4) it has a 2.3 that is bored .030 or .040. The head has .140 thousandths taken off of it. I believe the block has been decked too. Car body is in pretty good shape not a lot of big dents if any. Comes with 3 sets of tires with rims for different gearing. 4 point roll cage. I raced with it and its a top 5 car it just has too much left side weight. Being serious here the guy is like 6'7" or so and over 350. Big guy. Get someone that is smaller and it would really fly. It has a bigger cam in it but im not sure what kind or how big. It just got redone couple of months ago. He wants $1500 for it all. Located in SE Iowa.

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