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Author Topic:   New to the sport ..
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posted October 09, 2004 02:34 AM  
I have a 1982 4cylinder Mustang 3.45 geared rear end(open diff), 4speed with overdrive(will be the first thing to go) here are my rules any suggestions on where to start. With engine componets,tranny, diff. gears,springs, don't need info for all just some basic things to focus on first before this spring besides the safety stuff.I have only limited racing knowledge, spent a summer with my cousin racing modifieds and thats about it.

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. The Mini-Stock Rules shall govern the conditon of all Mini. Stock events. By participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee.


(A) Any American/Foreign made automobile.
(B) No convertibles, station wagons, jeeps, pick-ups, etc.
(C) Front or rear wheel drive allowed.
(D) Maximum wheel base 103" Wheel base must be stock for make and model used.


(A) Three (3) or four (4) cylinder engines only.
(B) Complete stock. No performance parts of any kind allowed.
(C) Rotary engines not permitted.
(D) Turbo engines okay.
(E) Headers okay.
(F) No dual overhead cam engines.
(G) Motor must pull" 16" of vacuum at 800 RPM.


(A) Limited to OEM type or one 2-barrell carburetor not to exceed 500 cm 2-barrell. No racing carburetors allowed.
(B) Fuel injection permitted if car came originally equipped as fuel injected. If equipped with electric fuel pump, make sure pump is wired through oil pressure switch. If vehicle is not equipped with a switch, it must be added.
(C) Two throttle return springs mandatory mounted to engine.


(A) Stock OEM parts only. Except the removal of strut towers to obtain additional wheel camber is allowed. The top of the struts can be mounted to the front loop. Shock towers should be reinforced.


(A) Stock steering for the make and model. Quick release style okay. Steering box must remain in stock location.


(A) Any stock transmission for make and model.
(B) Stock rearend for that make and model. Locked rear ends optional.
(C) Clutch must remain stock for make and model.
(D) Driveshafts must have a'360 degree loop within 15" of front U-joint.


(A) Any steel wheels.
(B) Right front oversize lug nuts required. Recommended for all four wheels.
(C) Wheel spacers are not permitted.
(D) Any DOT street legal tire permitted. 9" sidewall to sidewall max.
(E) Stock brake system for make and model. All brakes must function.


(A) Modified 4-point cage will be required. 1-1/2 inch diameter. 090 wall with guessets are needed welded to four 4 x 4 plated and bolted to floor. Three (3) door bars inside drivers door.


(A) No minimum weights required, Added weight of any kind is not permitted.


(A) Bucket or aircraft type only. NO passenger car type seats allowed. All seat belts must be a 5-point hookup. Must be made of nylon webbing and should be replaced each year. Buckles must be of quick release. Shoulder harness must be of Air Force type, nylon only. Seat belts must be bolted to frame or cross member in such a manner as to allow swiveling. Where belt fastens to frame or cross section, it must be anchored below shoulder height. Recommended 3" belts. Passenger belts will NOT BE ALLOWED.


12. WINDOW NET - Mandatory.

13. MUFFLERS are mandatory.

14. FUEL TANKS must be inside of trunk with screw or lock type caps. Must be set in steel box with safety straps and secured tightly. Fuel cell recommended. Fuel tanks must be separated from the driver by a metal wall. If fuel line runs inside of car, line must be sealed in conduit from front to rear firewall. Gasoline only.

15. FIRE EXTINGUISHER must be mounted inside of car.

16. BODIES cannot substitute fiberglass for any steel part. Hoods may be cut for air cleaner clearance.

17. REMEMBER, this is not a race car, this is a car you race!

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Dirt Freak

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posted October 09, 2004 09:13 AM  
Need to get the gearing right for the track leight. Weld up the rearend. Trim down the springs for better handling or purhase racing springs. Purchase new shocks and struts, Racing ones are very expensive so new standard gas shock will do. Mill the head about .100tho and put a good cam. (not to big) Use the header, stock manifolds are very restricting. With the strut tower rule, cut the right front strut across the top and down the front turn the tower in and back about an inch each way and weld.

Hey I love this line.
17. REMEMBER, this is not a race car, this is a car you race!

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