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Author Topic:   Rules - Weight - Stock or modified - Help! (Long post)
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posted September 28, 2003 09:46 PM  
I work at Natural Bridge Speedway in VA. We, the track owner and officials, have recently been discussing the Mini-stock class. Unfortunatley this class is doomed for extinction here VERY soon if something concrete can not be done to bring in more cars and even the competition.
This is the delima - beginning of the season we had 18 cars ready to compete. At the end, only 5 competing cars are providing a show for the fans. The majority of the field has either given up or spent too much money trying to compete with the Toyotas and Nissans.One Toyota in particular has done a fantastic job of dominating the field for 9 wins this year. All discussions of cheating aside - from my viewpoint, the Fords and especially GM,s can not compete with the naturally more efficient, higher RPM Toyotas. (with the rules we currently have) Most of the domestic competition has blown their engines trying to turn enough RPM's to compete with the foreign's. Our rules state NO grinding or polishing of internal parts, etc. No aftermarket intakes and so on. We do allow jack bolts and specify 13 inch wheels with Hoosiers. No fuel injection but we do allow 2brrl Holleys with a 1" spacer.
We have discussed weighing down the imports with more weight, allowing an aftermarket O.E.M. rod in the domestics (to handle the RPM), and allowing the domestics to run an aftermarket intake to be specified by us. But, this dosen't seem fair to the imports. The subject of replacing them all-together with U-cars has been discussed. Another option of upgrading to modifieds has been thrown in the mix. Then the owner has concerns with the Minis spending too much money - enough money they could be building a purestock. Also, concerns with this being a seperate class - not able to spend a little more money and moving up a class as with pure, street stock, etc.
Maybe I am being centimental - is the mini stock class really a dying breed? I hope not. Any suggestions or comparisons with similar situations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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posted September 29, 2003 04:27 AM  
I know fords and if they had there ducks in a row they could be very fast. I would say that the guys with the imports just have there ducks in a row and work harder to get a w. Ford rods can handle the rpms I have ran them all the way up to 8000 and the cranks are super tough too. Bobby

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posted September 29, 2003 12:03 PM  
I don't know what your rules are, but, we run a 2.3 ford and we turn it 8000 every night on stock rods and cranks. The rods have arp bolts and thats all. The problem most people make with a ford is they try to use to big of a cam. We have had two track championships and several seconds. Toyotas aren't any faster than fords.

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posted September 29, 2003 01:55 PM  
same thing here guys - we specialize in building stock 2.3 fords and have no problems with the imports. we have cars running stock, modified, and outlaw(run what you brung) and all are legal and super competitive. dont quite know what there problem could be. my suggestion is to let them all run a # per cc, aluminum heads if they came with them, and spec tires. no one should show a huge advantage cause you cant put lots of power to the ground with stock dot tires. the other thing we do is specify that all cars must run on 87 octane track gas.(we sell it the same price as the local stations.) it really kills those guys trying to cheat with there high compression motors.

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posted October 02, 2003 07:44 PM  
Thanks for all the replys - all information supplied has shed some light on the subject. I will post a final decision on new rules or the new class that replaces mini-stocks in the furture. Thanks again.

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