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Author Topic:   2.3 engine head and carb setup
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posted September 21, 2003 08:19 PM  
hey to anyone out there this is a question about a ford 2.3 head and carburator, what is the best thing to do to these, like lifters, cam, carb, polishing, etc. plzz tell me what i need to do, if u dont want everyone to know then email me or ne thing u know tell me i have some knowlege to hope to exchange some stuff thanx

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posted September 21, 2003 09:27 PM  
What are your rules? And a good guy to know that can build some meaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan 2.3 is JD Laramee he can be reached at He is the man.. Tell him B4 racing out of missouri sent you. Later Bobby

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