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Author Topic:   MiniStock Vs. StreetStock Need opinions
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posted September 16, 2003 04:18 PM  
Hey all, they are killing the ministock class at my track starting next season. So what they decided is to race us with the street stocks. Its a 1/2 mile track with pretty good banking. How do you think that will go? They said they are going to implace rules to keep it even, but even if... ONE of those street stocks hits a ministock, how would that match up?

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posted September 16, 2003 05:40 PM  
I have always wondered about this topic. A few years back I watched a pro 4 open a can on a field of late models. He wound up third and was right with 2. Before the race they told him not to get in there way. There was about 10 or so and he and the other two was over a straight ahead. If it was me I would stick with the little car besides being different they are easier to work on. Also just think how they will feel when they are passed by a mini. I read somewhere half the cylinders twice the balls. lol Just my .02.

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posted September 16, 2003 11:25 PM  

You said that right B4 (half the cylinders twice the balls.)

I would keep pushing the issue of keeping the Mini stock class ..But if you have to race with them ..Then give it all you got..

Trust me it is not that bad to be hit by a big car . I got hit and spun big time by a v8 .. was not all that bad. I raced my pinto a few times against a v8 camero and won. If you can drive it ..They will follow lol

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posted September 18, 2003 03:04 PM  
Run em - we have raced several times when there were'nt enough cars in eithor class to race. we had to be 2300 lbs and they had to be 3300 lbs. its a real shame they couldnt run with us. ha-ha . think of it like this -a 3300 lb car with 325 HP equals around 10 HP per pound. a 2300 pound car with 120 HP equals around 19.6 HP per pound. thats assuming your running stock v-8 cars against stock 4 cylinder cars.

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posted September 19, 2003 09:35 AM  
Just for your interest at our track I timed all the classes (1/3 mile clay based track) and came up with the following-

Super Stock - 21.9sec
Street - 22.01sec
Mini - 22.0sec
Hornets - 21.29sec (Honda Civic)

These are the times of the cars that won there races. makes you wonder doesn't it.

BTW the Dodge Colt mini I co-own (1600cc) laps at 22.1 with Brandyn driving and I dont know times when I drove.

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posted September 23, 2003 09:46 PM  
I ran my mini with a stock and street stock during practice. We ran 10 laps full out and I finished right behind them and was running high 19 sec laps on 3/8 mile clay high banked oval. It was dry slick also. If I got used to being the baby car out there I think I could tearass!
They are trying to get rid of FWD and Injected cars at my track next year. My car is Injected for now... but I guess I am going to have to swap it to keep them from whining like teenage girls!

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posted September 27, 2003 08:16 AM  
mini~stocks vs street~ stocks......that sounds like a modern version of
"Christians to the lions" to me!some of the mini's I've seen would "smoke" a lotta street~stocks though!!!!if the 4 bangers won a lot them street stockers would probably want 'em to weigh as much as they have to weigh>

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