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Author Topic:   race ready 1989 fwd grand am $300 with spare car
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posted September 10, 2003 09:32 PM  
i have a 1989 grand am with the 2.3 och and a spare car that has the 2.3 dohc same motor diffrent heads 2cams vs. 1 cam the dohc has 100 more horse the the 2.3 ohc. motors are interchangable if u doubt this go to and ask them just need computer chip for a dohc only diffrence and i can get it at no extra cost .one car has a cage and one is just stripped.
the car with the cage 2.3 oh chas a blown head gasket but the spare car has a good motor
il take $300 for both have to make room for new car
i raced this car half the year u get a seat and belts with the car
located in dsm iowa 515-265-6465 ask for rick or leave message

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posted September 12, 2003 09:03 PM  
Hey Eastside,
Dont want to sound stupid, Im not much of a car genius. But is that a 4 or 6 cylinder engine. My guess is its a 4 banger, but does it have 2 or 4 valves per cylinder. Our track just started this 4 cylinder Hobby stock class but must have only 2 valves per cylinder. If it falls under this catergory, we are very interested. Thanks

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posted September 12, 2003 09:37 PM  
i would ask the track where u run and see if u can run a dohc engine if they say yes then i would because they will never pull this head off and check its not easy and very very time consuming and impossible t o do with out pulling the motor out of the car it your decsion either way but it does have 4 calves per chamber. im selling the car so cheap i bacilly just want enough to buy a new seat, belts and possibly a new firesuit

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