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Author Topic:   i am currently building a dodge daytona
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posted July 17, 2003 12:01 PM  
im sure it will be a big learning curve seeins how ive never even driven on a track b fore so im gonna need all the help i can get as far as handling an little horsepower boosts that will be within my budget so if you have any suggestions jus let me know

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posted July 17, 2003 11:05 PM  
To keep the car from rolling onto the RF when going in the turn, put a spring rubber in the RF spring, more if the track has a lot of banking. Be sure when you make handling adjustments to just make one change at a time, ride it out, see how it feels, then change as you feel necessary. Also be sure you get used to the track before you go WFO. A lot of drivers, myself included, have thrown it into the turn for the first time and came out hitting the wall. Just take a few weeks and get used to it. For more power, advance the timing.

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posted August 18, 2003 07:42 PM  
if its a fwd drive car which i think it is it they made a 4cly AND 6CLY put the 6cly shock on the 4cly strut or the whole sturt if it will fit ON THE RIGHT FRONT also try and get as much weight as possible off the right front and shut the right front brake off i find a tire with a small sidewall less of a tendacy to roll off wheel i ran a grand am and i put a 15 tire on the right front low profile and a 14 '' on the left front put your tallest tire on the right front
hope this helps dont know much about those motors maybe check at a machine shop they seem real helpful

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posted August 31, 2003 11:43 PM  
Eastside, do you race at Eastside Speedway in Waynesboro, VA?

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posted September 01, 2003 08:16 AM  
Firstly DO NOT shut off RF brake - every set of ministock rules I have read insist that ALL FOUR brakes work. Thats a safety thing. Secondly those same rules state that tyres must be stock diameter so legally how can you run different diameters?? You can run different profiles that give the same effect.

Ok now we have been running a Dodge Colt this season (competitively too) and all we did was run 9" wide on the outside, 7" wide on the inside tyres. Replaced the rear suspension with that off of a Dodge Colt wagon and fitted a 32/36 DGV Weber. OK we havent won one yet (several Mustangs are not stock) but we consistantly finish in the top 5. All this with a 1600cc engine -now if I can just find the 2300 engine that was used who knows.

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posted September 02, 2003 08:35 PM  
go to your dodge dealer and get a MOPAR PERFORMANCE catalog! plenty of "stock" engine and suspension components! the tech department will also assist you with set-up info

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