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Author Topic:   85 Prelude setup?
Pete Gossett
Dirt Roller

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posted May 29, 2003 10:03 AM  
I just picked up an '85 Honda Prelude to build for our local Hornet class(

Basically, the suspensiion, engine/drivetrain, and wheel/tire size must remain stock. No race tires are allowed, and no race and/or adjustable shocks/struts are allowed. The alignment - within the stock range - is free.

Does anyone have any experience with this generation of Prelude? Or any other advice on the setup?

FWIW, I've been racing FWD cars in Solo & Rally events for about 5-years, but I've never had *any* oval experience.

I've yet to explore the stock range of suspension adjustment on this car(and I've never been around Hondas before), so I don't know if some of this is possible... But what I've been thinking for setup is this:

Since I can't change springs or bars, I'll underinflate the LR tire to(hopefully)make a slight improvement in cross weight, as well as overinflate the RR to reduce the contact patch.

Hopefully, this car has some toe & camber adjustment, so I can dial in a little RR toe-out & LR toe-in, with as much negative camber on the RF as possible and as much positive camber on the LF as possible.

I'm also thinking about 1/8" toe-out in front may help the Ackerman geometry as well?

And if I still have problems with understeer, I could look into positive camber on the RR, or find some non-racing/non-adjustable shock for the LR that has "lots" of rebound damping.

Anything else?

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