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Author Topic:   Looking to build a "Super 4" mini...
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posted April 16, 2003 09:48 PM  
I want a project to have fun. Thought this would be fun without having to make 600 hp and spend cubic dollars. HELP!!!!

Here are the rules;

2003 Super 4 Rules
1) Any small car, truck or combination
2) NO 4 wheel drives
3) NO convertibles
4) Must have 4 fenders
1) Any carbureted 4 cyl
2) Not to exceed 2900 CC
3) Any rods
4) Any pistons
5) Any cams
6) Gas only
1) Any steel rims max width 8 inches
2) Any advertised DOT dirt racing tire max width 8 inches
1) Any 2 barrel carburetor
2) No altering of carburetor May remove chock and change jets
3) 1 inch carb spacer only
4) Must have 2 return springs
5) Any Intake
6) Electric fuel pumps must have shut off valve
7) All fuel line running thru car must be in steel sleeve.
8) Must have fuel cell
9) Cell must be mounted securely and must be in a box
10) Cell must be no lower than center line of third member
1) Must have muffler
2) Must meet 95 D.B. at 100 ft
3) No exhaust may run thru driver compartment
4) Exhaust must have 2 safety chains. One in front and one in back.

Anyone have some suggestions on what to build?

I have my own bender, welder, brake, shear, mill, lathe, etc..... and I am quite capable of builing anyhting I need. I'm just not sure what to build. Should I start with a certain car ??? or do I build a chassis and fab my own body like a Late Model? What engine seems the most useful? I want to build a toy to have fun with. Or am I just being a fool and should I just build a regular mini with stock parts?

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posted April 16, 2003 10:09 PM  
1) Any carbureted 4 cyl
2) Not to exceed 2900 CC
3) Any rods
4) Any pistons
5) Any cams
6) Gas only

I've got several options for you in this catagory. Check out my 4 cylinders that use a small block V-8 head,

Too many dollars for your budget? I suggest you look at the new Ford-Mazda 2.3 liter all-aluminum dohc Duratec engine in the Ranger and Mazda trucks. It is a Cosworth-inspired Formula 1 design very capable of making 200+ h.p and vast amounts of torque with very few improvements necessary. Engine only weighs 200 pounds complete. I sell long block 2.3 Duratecs for $600.dollars plus trucking or the Euro-Ford 2.0 version for $800.

Send me an email and I'll send you an "informational" brochure on each engine.

Gerry Dedonis
Special Projects Coordinator
Kansas Racing Products Inc.


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