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Author Topic:   air/fuel ratio guage
Dirt Newbie

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posted November 24, 2002 06:13 PM  
Has any body used the air/fuel guage from autometer? I plan on running methanol this year and thought this might be a easy way to help adjust the carb. Will it even work with methanol? Thanks for any info you may have.

Dirt Roller

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posted November 24, 2002 06:27 PM  
If you use a Chevy single wire O2 sensor and a volt meter will do the same thing for you cheaper. Set you mixture so that you read around .8 volts DC or 800 millivolts dc for best power. Lower readings mean the mixture is lean. 450 millivolts is equal to 14.7:1 with gasoline. To get a worth while reading the engine needs to be running for at least 5 minutes and placed under full load for a minute or so.

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