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Author Topic:   rookie sponsor req. sheet
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posted November 03, 2002 11:31 AM  

to all this was my rookie sponsor sheet use as you need to and chang to fit your needs , or just get ideas from this . also let me know if this will help any of you
thx erick

Rookie racecar driver Looking for sponsorship
Hi I am seeking sponsorship for my race car ,to help out with the expense.
If you are not currently sponsoring a race team or driver this could be a good
opportunity to get some advertising. There is 19 scheduled races for the class
that I am in, with help from sponsorship I hope to make all of them,with out
I may only be able to make about 10 or so.

In this letter I will describe the type of sponsors needed, and the
different way you could help as well as how it could benefit your business.

Races I will be attending will be held at so. Speedway, also may be
attending a few in Yreka ca. . There are an average of around 3000 fans that
come to the speedway, out of these 1500 to 2000 fans are there every week.
Of these fans they could be from kids to doctors or even truck drivers, so your
add on my car will hit the type of customers you would like as well as
potential new customers. As we all know the more a name is heard the better
the response from the advertising, This is why the more sponsors ,or
sponsorship a race team has the more they are on the track with your
advertisement getting seen or heard.

This year I will be a rookie, in the mini stock class, I have raced only one
race in a sprint car in the past. I have built a front wheel drive datson. I
currently have no wins, but hope to be rookie of the year.

Type of sponsorship

Tires: I will need at least 4 new tires. Aprox $200.00

Fuel: I will need fuel to be able to race and get car to the track. Aprox
$25.00 per race.

Oil: I will need about 4 quarts per 2 races. Aprox $ per 2 races.

Motor / parts: may need parts through out the year. You only pay when I
need parts. On this type of sponsorship I need $50.00 up front to get your
name put on the car, you will set the dollar limit.

Entry fee: I will need to pay to get in the race. $

Paint: I need a paint sponsor for first time paint.

One race sponsor: pay all of above expense except tires, for one race you’re
add will stay on car for full season (small add on car my choice of where it
will be placed) aprox 1.5” letters.

Cash: buy a spot on the car for your add. The following space may be taken
by other sponsors, please pick a second option. These spaces are for full year
/season add , space once your add is on the car it will be there at all times,
and will be seen around town as well as on the track.

Hood: $

Right Front fender: $

Left front fender: $

Right rear fender: $

Left rear fender: $

I hope to have you advertise on my racecar. For all sponsors I will make the
car avail for show with your add at your location (only if requested)
Keep in mind these types of add will be seen if one of the other sponsors
requests the car for 1 day. This is extra advertising at no cost to you.

Phone :

Please fill free to email me at
Thank you for your time.


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posted November 13, 2002 08:39 PM  
several asked for these and know one has made any remarks but still have people asking

redneck bubbas racing
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posted November 15, 2002 09:10 PM  
Skullhull- I would make sure that I have all of my spelling correct before I submitted this to anyone. You made a good point about the number of people that will see the advertisement on the car, however i can help you even more. You need to list that you pack the track for 5 laps, heat race is 8 laps, B-main is 10 laps, and the feature race is 15 laps. Add to this about 5 caution laps for a total of 38 laps minimum. Now multiply the average attendance by # of laps. In your case this would be 114000 ad exposures per night. You can improve this number even more by calling the Highway Dept. and finding out what the average amount of traffic is on the roads you will be traveling. If they cant give this number to you just stop one day on the road and see how many cars go by in a 5 minute time period. Divide this # by 5. Then multiply that # by the number of minutes you are on that particular road. You will have that many more ad exposures. You will be suprised at how fast it adds up. You can then tell them how many ad exposures you will be able to provide versus how many the local paper will provide-just call the paper to see how many issues that printed, thats their ad exposure. It will probably be in your favor. I have also seen that it helps to call ahead of time and find out just who is in charge so you will look well prepared when you show up at their business. Make a portfolio that has a sketch of your car, the sponsorship proposals, and a cover sheet, in the oppisite direction that I listed them-sorry about that. Put them in the neat thin transparent binders. Make you a portfolio that has all of the above information plus pictures of the car. Put yours in a heavy binder, like a thin 3 ring notebook. Whenever you talk to the money man give them their copy and then show them in yours what you can do for them. I wonder if their is anything that I left off?

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posted November 16, 2002 01:10 PM  
thanks for the added info i will add that to my new request. by the way what is misspeld?

redneck bubbas racing
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posted November 19, 2002 08:37 PM  
truck drivers, so your
add on my car will hit the type of customers you would like as well as
Here you misspelled ad with add.
have built a front wheel drive datson.
Isn't it supposed to be datsun?

I could be wrong, just offering some ideas. very good letter you have written.

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posted November 19, 2002 09:34 PM  
Most of all before you go in front of a prospected sponsor PRACTICE YOUR PROPOSAL. I got a little cocky last year b/c I landed 5 cash sponsors and went up to another prospected sponsor to get stuff made at cost and I was like the blumbering idiot that could not say my number right needless to say they passed on sponsoring me. Remember Do not be llllllike me. Bobby

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