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Author Topic:   Tire/gear question/more R's
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posted October 27, 2002 05:29 PM  
Ok being new at actually setting up a race car I will keep asking dumb questions until someone says to quit. We run on a 3/10 mile track, at the end of the straight we are turning about 5700 rpm (2300 ford mustang). According to one of the previous owner that run it on a longer track said it did its best thing at 6000 to 6500 (2nd gear...third is too high, 1st too low). Now first the rules, we have to run stock tranny and stock rear end gears(can be locked, and is). We can NOT run staggered tires. We are running some NU-TREAD (retread good year eagles). 8x23x13 tires . Now the question is I am putting on 4 new meats before next season so if I put on 8x22x13s is there enough difference in circumference (sp) to make it act like a shorter gear? Motor wise I think we have it as quick (pick up revs) as we can and stay within the rules. But would like to get that extra 500 or so rpm. Will the 22s make any difference, enough difference or any other ideas? I think I have seen on here that a flywheel out of an Escort is lighter so might try that. Is there any real tricks to that mod? Again I think I read the flywheel will bolt right up with shorter bolts, anything else has to be changed or modified, any particular year of escort, is there a web page out there that gives all the scoop on that (didn't see anything on walsh racer on it. Is the world really round? All we want to do is keep up with those darn Toyotas and pintos on the straight...heh.
Thanks for any info
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posted October 27, 2002 06:59 PM  
Notn, dont worry about asking "dumb questions" this is a great place to learn without wasting money. I would try finding someone using the tires you are interested in and checking the rollout out before bying any, they could definetly make a difference.Do you have a rim width rule? the wider the rim the less rollout you will have. I have picked up a few tips here in the last few weeks. Now as far as the world being round? let me answer that with a question, is Gravity real or does the Earth just suck?

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posted October 27, 2002 07:42 PM  
ive been told 1" of tire roll out equals 100 rpm, hope that might help

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posted November 13, 2002 08:12 PM  
I would see what what your final drive ratio is and then I would see what I have. I would go with around a 7.48 that is a 2.14 trans with a 3.45 but again see what you got and let us know and then we can help tell you what to do. Bobby

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