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Author Topic:   Comments On Driving Technique
Dirt Maniac

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posted September 18, 2002 03:35 PM  
I am blessed with a lovely wife that video tapes my races. It is good material to watch over and over again, because you learn something new each time you watch it. What works what doesnt and so forth.
I was watching last weeks races and I noticed a car will make a hi pitch rev for like a 1/4 second off the turns. Curiuous as to what it was, I took my Jeep for a drive and tried some stuff. What he is doing by what I tried... is slippin the clutch off the turns and it kind of kicks up the rev and helps the take off for the straight. Any of you do that? I am curious about it but I dont wanna ruin my clutch. But it worked in my Jeep... felt kind of like a nitrous boost for about 1 second.

Help me out with my Question about 4 and 5sp trannies guys please.

im gonna be in front someday

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