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Author Topic:   What tranny are ya'll using?
Dirt Roller

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posted August 21, 2002 12:03 AM  
the tranny you run depends on your rearend gear and your track size, we race on a 1/2 mile track, with 3.00 rear end gears and our transmission has a 1.8 second gear ratio so we can run in 2nd all the way around, it just depends on those things

Dirt Maniac

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posted October 01, 2002 11:34 AM  
Alot of people use a 2.14 trani they have a little higher gear ratio than most

Dirt Roller

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posted October 19, 2002 08:52 PM  
2.14 is pretty standard, BUT you might wanna double check your track rules, If the car came stock w/302 I think it's a 5-lug set-up, My track requires 4-lug. What size rear-end you got? 6.75 or 7.5 & what size tires you plan on running? gear ratio's.......... the list goes on & on....


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