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Author Topic:   2.3 costs?
Arkie Dirt Racer
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posted June 02, 2002 09:29 PM  
I'm thinking about building a mini-stock. I don't need anything extremely expensive, it would be a first season car and don't expect to be winning races my first season. I just want to know approximate costs of a decent 2.3 that will stay together and run fairly well. I know about what it would cost to build the CAR, but I have zero experience with 4-cyl engines. Here are our track's engine rules for mini stock:

ENGINE: Must be stock. 2-barrel carburetor. Single CAM. No fuel injection. Headers allowed. Generator, alternator, and power steering optional. If electric fuel pump is stock you must also have a low oil pressure cut off. Automatic transmission allowed. Starter and clutch must be operational. Adjusted CAM gear allowed. OEM TRANSMISSION ONLY.

thanks in advance

Dirt Freak

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posted June 03, 2002 04:16 PM  
Build yourself a stock rod,cast piston motor,take it 30 over,if rules allow,stay with the hydraulic lifters & cam 450 to 480 lift,header best,get your head milled around 100 thous.,adjustable cam gear a must with milled head,if you have a car to make your racer out of,and do most of the work yourself it won't be to bad,depending in machine shop labor rates you'll probably have around $300.00 in a motor,I'm talking 2300 Ford here,not GM's,or MOPAR,or rice rockets.

Arkie Dirt Racer
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posted June 04, 2002 01:14 AM  
thanks a lot. that is about what I want to spend on the motor, I could even go a lil more. If I decide to do it I'll be going with a 2.3 for sure. I can already tell the parts and info/advice is plentiful.
are there any certain year/make vehicles with 2.3's in them that I should look for?
Also what is the best tranny to use?

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