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Author Topic:   bulldogoo
fast phill
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posted January 08, 2002 06:34 PM  
i know the gm will compete and win it not a question of if it is capable it a question of are you capable.look up they carry a lot of 2.5 stuff crower rods 297$ circle track oilpans and outher stuff wiseco ross and many outhers make pistons for it abought every cam manufacture makes good cams and yes there are legal ways to make it go fast i run a highly modified pontiac superduty engine steel block aluminum head stroker crank 655 lift roller cam with a jessel rocker set up .just made some dyno pulls with a 600 holley dubble pumper made around 290 horses with 12 to 1 compression going up to abought 14to1 now and will try it with a modified 2 barrel carb.a well built gm will run with a well built ford,

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posted January 08, 2002 07:30 PM  
OK, cool. Thanx. I have heard both ends of them not being able to hang with the fords, but most say they are just as capable as anything out there. And yes, alot does have to do with the driver, which is something I am REALLY gonna have to work on. lol.
Thanx again,

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