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Author Topic:   build or buy
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posted September 04, 2001 07:58 PM  
My freind is looking into mini stock for next year.My ? is it cheaper to build or buy?If buy what kind of prices to keep a guy from getting burt?The rules state (basically)cast iron head and block any 2barrel, stock short block, same engine as manufacture 4cyl and model match.Of course there are obviously more rules but these are the major ones.We like to run on a very low budjet.thanks guys

Dirt Freak

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posted September 05, 2001 08:21 AM  
I have built and bought. I have all the tools I need to build,(plasma cutter, bender, welder, brake, etc.) so, building one myself makes more sense for me, especially because I can construct it the way I want it. BUT, its alot of work to start from scratch. Not only do you have to consider the cost of the parts, but think about what your time is worth to you. All the trips to the parts store for the lock tight, or the hose clamp your forgot. If I didn't have all the means to build one, I would start looking around and possibly buy one already built. You'll prob start seeing alot of for sale ads pretty soon. Maybe look for a nice chassis that you could buy without the big dollar motor, and put in something mild and go racing. Then you could look at adding power later...? There are lots of mini's out there you should be able to find a good car at a reasonable price.

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posted September 05, 2001 09:00 PM  
Thank you for our anwser.I do have some of the tools and as far as clamps and misc.I am over the shop I work at.But I will keep my eyes peeled for a good deal!I really like the opinoins I get on the forum cause it gives a guy smart opinions to consider.

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posted October 15, 2001 03:26 AM  
cheaper to buy. been both routes. just be sure what you of what you are buying. buy it at the track. don't let the other guy take it home, not meaning to offend anyone but i made this mistake on my first one. guy took off some good parts. live and learn.

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