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Author Topic:   Complete 18 Degree Top End
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posted March 08, 2005 10:18 PM  
Complete 18 Degree Top End

1 complete set of 18 degree GM aluminum cylinder heads, casting number 10134363. CNC ported by M2, 52cc combustion chambers, 239cc intake runner volume, 101cc exhaust port volume, New 11/32" Manganese Bronze valve guides, Beryllium intake and exhaust seat's. These castings have also had the HIPP process done to them as well. these casting's have NEVER been cracked, welded, or damaged in any way! In other word's, no explosions, melted pistons, or over heating!
8 Dell West 2.150" titanium intake valves(7 races since new)
8 Dell West 1.600" titanium exhaust valves (7 races since new)
16 ISKY Tool Room roller cam valve springs (7 races since new)
16 Dell West titanium Super 7 retainers (7 races since new)
32 CV Products chrome-molly valve keepers
16 CV Products chrome-molly valve spring seat's
16 US Seal valve stem seals (brand new)
1 complete set of T&D shaft mount Aluminum roller rocker's, w/stands and all components. 1.65/1.65 ratio rockers (1 race season old and in perfect condition)
1 fully ported and matched to these heads, GM spider intake manifold. GM part number 24502653
1 GM aluminum lifter valley cover. GM part number 24502652
1 set of Fel-Pro silicone/rubber valve cover gaskets (7 races since new)
1 set of Moroso aluminum 18 degree valve cover's
1 Competition Cams custom ground billet roller camshaft. Small base circle for long stroke engines. Standard cam journal size. (7 races since new)
1 set of Competition Cams roller lifter's (7 races since new)
1 complete Competition Cams Rev-Kit
16 Chrome Molly pushrod's. Matching for this combo. (7 races since new)
1 complete set of Rodeck 18 degree head stud's, nut's, and washers. (7 races since new) These stud's are for an aluminum block, but can be cut down and used in a steel block.
All intake manifold, valley cover, and valve cover nut's, bolt's, and washer's.
1 K&N valve cover breather
1 set of Custom Craft ceramic coated header's for a Rocket Chassis

This combination is as complete as they come! Everything is fresh, and ready to bolt on. This is a great step up from 23 degree head's! For anyone making the switch, simply buy pistons for your combination, bolt everything list on your engine, and go race!


Hendren Racing Engines
Rutherfordton , NC

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