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Author Topic:   LM advice for mod racer
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posted February 13, 2005 01:35 PM  
Hopefully you guys can educate me here. What I am interested in is why the mods seem to have all gone to pullbars instead of lift arms. I have an engineering background and see a few advantages to each. The lift arm using leverage would seem to transfer more of the cars weight to the rear axle, with the downside being it takes weight off the front in the process. The pullbar should not unload the front, but looking at the geometry, will not load the rear as heavily. I have a car with low rpm torque and want to gear it down to use, but want to be able to hook it up. I am setting up the chassis to run either one. I'd love some input, and think this would be a great thread if everybody posted what they run, and why they like it!

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posted February 14, 2005 06:14 AM  
Here are the takes on both, I had a talk with a late model guy this weekend about them.
pull bars-usually more traction and sooner not as consistant.
torque arm-less inital but smoother to drive and more consistant, also holds bite longer down the straight.
the reason why mods/lates run different is because of tires, the lates have alot more tire under them so that intial bite is there more and they want the lasting bite on the down the straight of the torque arm.
If your going for max bite then go pull bar, if your going for consistant bite go for torque arm.
also some late models do run pull bars, rayburns do alot, but alot of the late models guys dont like the jerkyness and inconsistancy of the pull bar.
hope this helps some.

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