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Author Topic:   limtied late models
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posted January 03, 2005 06:38 PM  
hello. im trying to find out some information on limited late models. if yall could help that would be great! maybe you could send me a good set of rules. or anything like that! thanks alot!

you can send me stuff to

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posted January 09, 2005 02:56 PM  
Here is a copy of one set of rules for LLM's in our area. Several tracks run them and each track has small differences.

The spirit and intent of these rules are to keep down the cost of racing.
Cars can be inspected and teched at any time upon entering the pit area.

1.) Cars maybe inspected and teched at anytime upon entering pit area. Callaway raceways reserve the right to amend rules.

2.) BODIES: ALUMINUM BODIES ONLY. See attached sheet for measurements. Three safety bars must be installed in front of driver and may have screen securely attached.
All cars must have number painted in a readable contrasting color of body in both doors and on the roof, with numbers at least (18) eighteen inches high and (4) four inches thick and legible numbers at least (5) inches high on front and rear of car.
All cars must have front and rear pickup loops.

3.) SPOLIERS: Maximum spoiler width (72) seventy-two inches. Maximum height (8) eight inches. See attached sheet for diagram.

4.) WHEELS: You can run steel or aluminum wheels. Maximum wheel width is (14) fourteen inches. Beadlocks are allowed.

5.) WHEELBASE: Minimum of 103 inches average.

6.) TIRES: McCreary EC2, American Racer or Hoosier D-55. Grooving and sipping allowed.

7.) 6. CHASSIS SUSPENSION: Shocks maybe steel or aluminum. May run fabricated front stub. Rack and Pinion steering is allowed. Coilovers are allowed. One shock per wheel only. Fifth arm or torque link allowed. Rear suspension is optional per car. Rearend must have steel tubes, if running quick change. Engine setback is (77) seventy-seven inches measured from center of axle tube to rear engine mount. Rollcage minimum diameter (1 Ĺ) one and a half inches O.D. No less than .095 thick steel tubing. Car must have minimum of (4) four bars of the same material mounted horizontally at the driverís door. All welds must be complete circumferences of tubing. No square tubing allowed in cage. ALUMINUM TUBING ALLOWED BUT NOT ON THE ROLL CAGE, AND IF YOU USE ALUMINUM TUBING YOU HAVE TO ADD 50 POUNDS OF WEIGHT TO YOUR CAR. WHICH MAKES THE MINIMUM CAR WEIGHT AFTER RACE TO 2550.

8.) DRIVESHAFT: All drive shafts must be steel. Must be painted white, and must have car number. All cars must have on 360-degree drive shaft loop at front of driveshaft in case of breakage. Loops must be at least (2) two inches wide and ľ inch thick.

9.) BATTERIES: Heavy-duty batteries maybe used. If battery is inside driver compartment, it must be securely mounted inside a plastic marine battery case.

10.) FUEL TANKS: Fuel cell mandatory. Maximum 32 gallon. Fuel cell must be encased in steel can. All fuel cells must have at least (2) two straps around fuel cell, minimum of (2) two inches wide and (1/8) one-eighth inch thick.

11.) TRANSMISSION: Transmission must have at least 2 forward and 1 reverse working gears. Bert and Brinn transmission are legal if running clutch. Explosion proof bellhousing required if running external clutch. Safety blanket or approved shield is mandatory.

12.) REAREND: Floater or quick change is legal. If quick change has aluminum tubes, minimum car weight at end of race will be 2500 pounds; 2550 with aluminum tubing.

13.) SEAT & BELTS: Aluminum seat is recommended. Seat belts and shoulder harness must be at least (3) three inches wide and no older than (3) three years from manufacture date.

14.) WINDOW NET: All cars must be equipped with approved window net. Window net be up at all times that car is on track.

15.) FIRE EXTINGUISHERS: All cars must be equipped with a dry type fire extinguishers no smaller than 2 pounds, and mounted within reach of driver with belts securely fastened. Halon-type extinguishers highly recommended.

16.) HELMET: Helmet required at all times that car is on the track. Helmet must be approved SHCA or Snell full-face helmet. Nomax lining highly recommended.

17.) FIRE SUITS: Flame retardant suits mandatory. Fire retardant gloves, shoes and underwear highly recommended.

18.) IGNITION: No magnetos MSDD ignition boxes allowed. No crank censored ignitions.

19.) ENGINES: All engines must have steelheads. No roller cams. No dry sump oil systems. May run one (2) two-barrel or one (4) four-barrel carburetor. Carburetor adapter not to exceed one inch. All cars must run collector type header with approved muffler and turn down collector. NO ZOOMIES.

20.) FUEL: Gasoline or Alcohol is optional. No oxygen bearing additives are allowed.

21.) No radio communication or sound equipment allowed.

22.) Car must be able to start, move forward and backwards on its own from a complete stop when ordered to do so by Tech inspector.

23.) Official will tell how many cars go to Tech after each event.

24.) Minimum weights after race is 2500 pounds, 2550 pounds with Aluminum tubing. No tolerance.

25.) No Electrical devices Ė digital gauges.

26.) Traction control not allowed.

27.) Wheel disc (Mud Plugs) allowed but must be bolted or welded. No DZUís fasteners.

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