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Author Topic:   New Regional Fastrak Late Model Series 2005
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posted December 24, 2004 11:07 PM  
Fastrak Champions Midwest Regional Touring Series

Who we are:

We are in negotiations with the Fastrak Champions Series to bring a Regional Touring Series to the St. Louis area. We will be the Fastrak Champions Midwest Region. Our goal is to keep all races within a 150-mile radius of St. Louis, Missouri. Fastrak runs a full blown Late Model chassis with a choice of three engine packages ranging from $2895 to $5400. All three versions of the engines are sealed from the factory. Clip cars are also allowed to compete and have done so very competitively in the Southern Region. With only one repeat winner last year, and that only resulting from 2 DNF’s in front of him it, seems as if the Fastrak method is working very well.

What we are proposing:

We are proposing to run fifteen points races paying a minimum of $1200 to win and $100 to start. We will race under the complete Fastrak rule guidelines. Fastrak Corporate has also agreed to furnish a $10,000 Points Fund and a $50,000 Contingency Fund. The points fund will, of course, be paid at the banquet at the end of the year with the $50,000 Contingency Fund being paid on a race by race basis for the “Hard Charger” award and another for the “Tough Luck” award for each event. In 2005, we will not be eligible for the “National” Points Fund, but we will be included in the 2006 season. The 2006 “National” Points Fund is projected to be $100,000 plus the Contingency Fund. The Midwest Region in 2005 will, however, be eligible to run the four $5000 to win “National” events that pay $250 to start.

What we need from you:

We need teams who would be interested in committing to run for the Midwest Regional Points. Please send us your contact information, (name, phone number, car number, mailing address, and email address). We need this information, as we are in the process of preparing our proposals for the area tracks, and need to know how many cars the Track Promoters can expect to attend.

What is required?

We require everyone who wants to run for the Regional Points Fund to pay a $500 Membership fee to the National organization. In return you will receive you first set of series spec tires free of charge. Tires run roughly $120.00 each so, in essence, you are only paying $20.00 for you Membership fee. There will be a minimum of $65.00 entry fee at all events. Part of the entry fee goes to the National organization in their efforts of training technical people, advertising, and promotional support. The remaining portion goes towards helping to pay the race officials. All race results will be turned into the National organization by Tuesday of each week, and the points will be updated no later than Thursday of that week.

Engines, Choice of Three:

GM 602 (355 HP) at 2300 lbs, $2895.00

GM 304 (410 HP) at 2400 lbs. $4895.00

Fastrak Crate (430 HP at 2450 lbs.) $5000.00 plus an optional 5140 crank and/or stud girdles.

There is also a swap policy in effect via corporate $1500 for 602 $2000 for 604 and Fastrak crate. There are also engine builders in place for the series making the turn around a matter of days.

Common Sense:

We are trying to put the fun and prestige back into racing. Why do we race? To win! No one likes follow the leader racing and the “money” teams always out front. Fastrak eliminated being outspent in the engine department. Let’s put Late Model racing back into the drivers hands and give the fans a show that can be excited about.


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