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Author Topic:   99 Rayburn help
Dirt Freak

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posted November 10, 2004 04:44 AM  

Upper Control Arm- 10 1/2
Lower Control Arm -16 5/8 c-c
Steering Arm- 16 5/8 c-c Rod-13
Spindle Height-8 7/8
U/C/A Spacer-1/4


Upper Control Arm- 8
Lower Control Arm-19 c-c
Steering Arm-19 1/4 c-c Rod-16
Spindle Height-8 7/8
U/C/A Spacer-7/8

The rack and pinion measurement should be
3 1/4" by 18 1/4"

Hope this helps. This is what I received from Rayburn. Make sure that when you do call Rayburn, ask to talk directly with C.J. about any major details.

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Dirt Roller

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posted November 10, 2004 07:25 PM  
Here is some more information:

LF upper control arm is split at the ball joint mounting plate right down the center of it. This is so the upper can be straddled around the upper control arm mounting bars. The upper control arm bolts to the inside of the frame.

The lower control arms from Rayburn are one piece design. They are lighter and stronger than the 2 piece lowers.

RCRacing #08
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posted December 09, 2004 07:07 PM  
RCRacing #08,

I just went to your website for the first time and saw the frame, I have not seen a Rayburn with that Rear Stub before.

The closer I look at your car the more I believe I gave you the right measurements for the right side, but the left side looks like it uses the long left rear trailing arm rod to the back which is 34" c-c of heims.
With the measurements I gave you shorten the RR top trailing rod from 17" to 16" c-c. this will lengthen the Right Side wheel base 1" compared to the left, this is for rear steer to make the car turn through the corner. Rayburns are naturally tight race cars with the basic set-up and you have to do quite a bit to make side bite with these cars.

The axle measurements I gave you should be right and when squaring the rear end in the car side to side, the rear end should be over to the left 1" more than the right side.
Measure from the outside of the frame to the brake rotor side closest to the frame on the left side and the same for the right side.
My car measures LS-7 13/16" and RS-6 13/16"
Just make sure there is a 1" greater distance on the left side than the right side (adjust by shortening or lengthening the J-bar until you get it right).

J-bar should be mounted on the left side of the frame 9" up from bottom of frame to center of bolt on slider mount, and bottom hole on pinion mount. I have found this to be very important for achieving side bite and making these Rayburns stick.
Make this car stick to the Track and then adjust from there. Always try to add grip to tires to fix a problem.
When mounting lead to the car mount in center of car on the Right side, as High as you can get it.
Stiffer left rear spring and softer right side springs than the basic Rayburn setup will make this car fast.
If you need anymore info just ask.


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