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Author Topic:   Indexing question
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posted May 03, 2004 09:58 PM  
I beleive I understand what indexing is and what it does but can some tell me the proper way of pre indexing or accurately checking this? And if anyones up to it re explain it. Never hurts to hear it tiwce.


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posted May 04, 2004 04:28 AM  
indexing, is actually the rotation of the birdcage.
most racers refer to "indexing" as the lowering of the upper rod (of a 4 bar) on the birdcage. bringing it closer to the centre line of the axle. not only will this increase the angle of the upper rod, but it also speeds up the indexing (rotation) of the birdcage through suspension travel.
when this is done to the left rear, shock/spring behind 4 bar setup, as the car rolls, the birdcage rotates faster, helping the spring to remain loaded (pushing the tire onto the ground) all the while increasing the upper bar angle which will also increase roll steer.
i've only tried it a couple of times (still pretty new to late models) but i have found it works quite well when used appropriately but the car does loosen up initially when you get off the gas, as the car settles down, but not a lot, and you get used to it quickly.

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posted May 04, 2004 07:25 AM  
Indexing refers to the rotation of the birdcage about the centerline of the axle housing.

The proper way to "pre-index" is to set the ride heights and rotate the birdcage so it is vertical to the floor. I just use the eyeball method to accomplish this task.

Depending on your susupension configuration your birdcage will index (rotate) throughout suspension travel. This can be good or bad depending on what you want to accomplish.

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posted May 07, 2004 11:03 AM  
Thanks guys, your info. is much appreciated.


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