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Author Topic:   different length lower trailing arms
Dirt Freak

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posted November 27, 2003 10:01 PM  
they should be the same the longer the less rear roll steer you will have there is a way to do it lms23 might be familiar with this lol;}

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posted December 08, 2003 08:24 AM  
everything i have researched says that you should have you lower bars roughly 2 inches shorter than the uppers, and using a shorter right side will decrease roll steer, go to and click on articles and click on tech on the right side it explains it all.
it says:
Another method used to reduce the loose roll steer of a 4-link suspension is to shorten the bottom links. Notice, in illustration 2D, how the shortened bottom link pulls the bottom of the right side birdcage forward during chassis roll more than the longer links in the other illustrations. The bottom of the left side birdcage does lose some of its rearward movement because of the shortened bottom link. But since left side birdcages typically move down much less than right side birdcages move up during chassis roll, the overall effect, when shortening the lower links, is a reduction in loose roll steer. However, if the left rear of your chassis hikes up during cornering, loose roll steer may increase whenever both bottom links are shortened!

go to
for the whole article

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