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Author Topic:   Side Board set-up
Dirt Full Roller

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posted August 28, 2002 01:32 PM  
What set-up changes would you make over standard set-up on a narrow MastersBilt to run tall rear side boards and 12" spoiler.
We are good in and throttle push off

Dirt Full Roller

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posted August 29, 2002 08:49 AM  
If you have a throttle pust on an outlaw LM you most likely need a few of things. More wing from the driver forward, a lot of guys put too much wing in the back and assume the front is still going to work. Stiffen up the car (springs and shocks, mostly springs). And enormous amount of stagger. I would guess that if you put a good wing up front your problem would go away. Do everything you can to make the car loose (setup wise) because it will never be loose.

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