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Author Topic:   lightened gears
Dirt Roller

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posted May 22, 2002 09:43 AM  
Richmond Gear is in the process of researching the market for a new group of "lightened gears" they are considering making for certain applications. They are trying to determine if this would be useful to anyone. There would obviously be some additional cost involved, but I think the benefits would be great in our business. Those racers using a Ford 9" would be able to put a little more power to the ground due to reduced rotating mass, and would be able to put the weight elsewhere on the car where it is needed. No, I do not work for Richmond, but I do work for Summit Racing, a major distributor of Richmond products. Any feedback would be very useful. Thanks.

Dirt Administrator

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posted May 22, 2002 10:42 AM  
Alot of people aready offer this. If I remember right speedway does this also and offer a 1 day service to have done on a new gear.

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