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Author Topic:   changes?
Dirt Roller

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posted April 24, 2002 06:37 PM  
How do you know when to change springs, shocks, static weight, or rear bar lengths? I know what most of these changes are supposed to do, but how can I tell when to use each one? There are 20 different ways to loosen a car here or tighten a car there which one do I use?

Dirt Full Roller

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posted April 24, 2002 08:55 PM  
alot of changes have one effect going in and
the opposite coming out. but some only change
just in or just off. some only on power some
only on engine braking (engine slowing down
car or engine decelleration) That helps
decide which to do. like if you tight in the
middle on the gas. you might what to soften
the rf spring if you wanted to be tighter
getting in also but could stand to be a tick
looser off. or lower panhard bar on frame if
you where tight in and off. its kind off a
experience thing.

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