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Author Topic:   jet a 4412
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posted February 08, 2002 08:25 PM  
i would like to know the best way to jet a 4412 on a 350 gas engine.
thanks in advance

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posted February 13, 2002 06:58 AM  
For your application, based on what I read in other posts, it looks like you would wind up in the 72-74 jet size range as a ballpark starting point. So much depends on so many other things, this question cannot be answered accurately, tho.
Also, are you the same "new8" that was asking about modifying a 4bbl cast intake?
I can help you in any area of your motor you wish, from carb to pan. Firstly, tho, get those oiling issues straightened out and we'd be glad to help you in the carb dept to start with after that.

Good luck,

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