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Author Topic:   bert trouble
Dirt Forum Racer

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posted June 18, 2001 09:58 PM  
ok, tonight i went to put my bert tranny in my car for the first time. It is new, i took it out of the box and i went to put it up into the bellhousing, i wanted to line it up with the couple so i took a ***** driver and pulled the top shifter out the whole way cause i thought it would put it in gear, then i could turn the tail shaft and it would turn the shaft up by the couple, but when i turned the tail shaft the front shaft didn't turn, so i switch the shifter tierod back in between the whole way in and the whole way out(not sure whaty gear) and it still didn't turn everything, then i pushed it the whole way in and pulled out the bottom one and it sorta made a light gear grind noise but the noise wasn't bad.but still didn't turn the front shaft, i also tried turning the front shaft cause i thought it would turn the back but it didn't, i did not have any fluid in it or anything hooked up to it, my question is, is the is normal and will it go into gear when i hook up everything or am i not getting it into gear right. PLEASE HELP
thanks in advance

Dirt Roller

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posted June 20, 2001 10:57 PM  
yes it is normal. I had the same problem with mine. The top rod must be all the way in to achieve high gear. The bottom must pull out for reverse. The top pulls out for low. When you bleed the cluch, have a helper pump it up and hold it just like bleeding brakes. Crack the bleeder ***** real fast and retighten it. do it as fast as you can and repeat until you have a pedal. You will be much happier if you do it that way.

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