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Author Topic:   Shocks, whats the real deal?
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posted December 12, 2000 09:10 PM  
I hear soo much talk regarding mono-tube vs. conventional type shocks. I was also told by CJ Rayburn that probably 90% of all races won on any given weekend were on 50/50 shocks. Are "trick" shocks more of a crutch? Sould a weekend racer such as myself even worry about split-valve type shocks? I just want a consistant chassis that performs well on a weekend of fun. I start reading about shock types and their differences and I'm pretty much convinced that mono-tube shocks are the way to go.

I have new Bilsteins all the way around on my new Rayburn for now. This will be the first time I've tried mono's and am very anxious to see the results. I would like to know of any comparisons you all have made as weekend racers and if there is really a difference you could feel and measure.

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posted December 17, 2000 05:10 AM  
My advice would be to learn as much as you can about how 50/50's work before using them. It can be a little frustrating at first but I am told by experienced drivers that you can feel a difference in the way a car reacts- but if you are comfortable with what you have and it is working- stay with it.


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Mr. Limited, Being from a "weekend racer" background and experience level I feel that for the most part the std. Pro, Carrera type shock will most of the time be a more than adequate shock. If you put on your car what CJ recommended you should only have to do some minor adjusting to suit driver style.

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