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Author Topic:   Blocking up car to save springs
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posted August 13, 2000 01:08 AM  
What are everyone's feelings on this?
Does it hurt the springs or anything on the car for that matter if the car isn't blocked up when not in use? I'm not talking about at the track. More so the 6 days it's in the shop or while trailering. Is it ok for a day or 2, not at all or doesn't matter?


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posted August 13, 2000 02:06 AM  
our regular routine is to wash the car on sunday then put the car on jack stands to start working on it during the week. But from when we load up to leave on friday the car sits on the springs most of time. We have a digital spring rate tester with a digital micrometer on it for measuring the spring height and we only use afcoils, and i keep a book on the spring height and rate. I haven't noticed our springs losing rate and some of our springs are 5 years old. Hope this helps your program.

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posted August 13, 2000 10:25 PM  
We use these neat plastic composite blocks that snap around the shaft of the shocks so that they are limited on movement. These blocks are used on new BMW's for transport to the dealer. If you stop at your nearest BMW dealer they always have a ton of em just lying around and will give you all you want for free.

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posted August 17, 2000 01:46 PM  
Brian, not to burst your bubble but if you have springs that are 5 years old they aren't the same rate as when you bought them. If you ask Afco they will tell you that a spring never changes rate. Well they are right to a certain extent. That inch that you test on a rate checker will never change. Hypercoils has a spring dyno that measure well past that inch and they have noticed that a spring will wear out in time especially if it is run on the LR of a swing arm car. They recommend throwing out that spring after 6-8 races if it's a Hypercoil and 3-4 if it's anything else. We couldn't figure out why the car would go away after awhile. We would have the same setup and it would be totally different on a track that was the same. We talked with a Hypercoil dealer and shot us straight on the spring deal (and he's an authorized Afco dealer that recommends Afco shocks but Hypercoils). Give them a call and they’ll tell you the same thing.

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posted August 19, 2000 12:46 AM  
JPRT, not trying to start an argument or discount your opinion, but i've tested brand new hypercoils out of the box from a dealer that were marked #400 and tested #370 pounds. That can't be helpful for someone who doesn't have a spring tester to put on a car. And it wasn't just one spring either. Not to say hypercoil isn't a good spring, and if it works on your car,wouldn't change what you do. But what we do also works and the record books and measurements don't lie.

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