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Author Topic:   Whats with this guy?
X-1R Guy
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posted July 29, 2000 01:19 PM  
When I purchased my Rayburn last year, CJ told me that Bilsteins were the only way to go. Then 3 months later I saw he was endorsing Carrera's. Now I just saw a post on 4M, where he's now promoting Koni! Whats up with that?
Has CJ become a "Deal of the day" man? I'm starting to wonder about that guy.

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posted July 29, 2000 10:55 PM  
cj has never really endorsed carrera, do you run the same car? chassis and SHOCKS change. the mono tube tech is getting really complex and maybe he feels that koni has a leg up on the competition now, how long did you think they would stay down. thats how we get faster by trying different things, and cj usually knows whats best for his cars.


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